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Big Island Country Club


Hawaiʻi Island’s leading golf club opened in 1997

Hawaiʻi Island, the largest one of the Hawaiian Archipelago, is often affectionately referred to as “the Big Island”, and is the birthplace of Kamehameha The Great, who unified the islands to establish the Kingdom of Hawaii.
The Big Island Country Club is located in Kailua-Kona, on a plateau 610 meters above sea level, near the western coast of Hawaiʻi Island. The area has very little rainfall, with an average of 300 fair weather days per year, providing a unique playing location with beautiful landscapes and refreshing breezes. The course was designed to be a strategic experience by Pete Dye, and is one of the few bentgrass green 18-hole courses in Hawaii.
The country club site covers more than 400 acres of land and offers a course surrounded by lush vegetation that is a home to more than a 1,000 Nene geese, which are a state bird of Hawaii, as well as to multiple other animals, such as wild turkeys and goats

50% stake


FM Karuizawa

Regional community news & music FM radio station

Karuizawa, a well-known Japanese summer resort, was popularized both domestically and abroad by Alexander Croft Shaw, a missionary of the Anglican Church. 15,000 vacation houses are currently located here, and the area is considered Japan’s foremost resort spot by many prominent personalities of political and business sectors.
FM Karuizawa is a community FM station broadcasting from Karuizawa, established thanks to the funding by leading Nagano Prefecture businesses. It is also offers broadcasts over the internet, where it can be accessed nationwide.

85 % Stake

FM Karuizawa

Digital Post

Next-generation hybrid mail

Digital Post provides a service that enables users to send physical letters or DMs using a PC or smartphone. Using this service, mailing a DM or a private or business letter becomes as easy as sending an e-mail. By blending information technologies with on-demand printing, a hybrid service was born, combining the ease of sending e-mail and the joy of receiving a physical letter.

Digital Post(株)
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