Brand Investment

Brand Investment Overview

Improving corporate value through continuously supporting growth by investing in businesses with high brand power.


Brand Investment Examples

Christofle Japan

Famous French fine silverware brand established in 1830

Christofle’s history is a history of silver.
The founder of the company, having a discerning eye for art and the ability to quickly recognize society’s progress, has patented the gold and silver plating technology to use in goods other than pure silver cutlery, and Christofle now produces a wide range of luxury silver-plated products that rival silverware of old in their beauty and luxury. The brand gained recognition in the Ottoman Empire, imperial Russia, the German Empire and the Austrian Empire, with their success eventually being culminated by the name “Christofle” becoming synonymous with silver products.
There is more to Christofle however. They have also been involved in creating the winged statues adorning the roof of the Paris Opera, a statue for the church of Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde, products for India’s maharajas and in outfitting of the Orient Express in 1833.
Today, Christofle flatware and other silver products continue to be indispensable in places like the French Presidential Élysée Palace, French embassies around the world, luxury cruise ships and hotels, and restaurants providing highest grade food.
In Japan, silver Christofle flatware is being used, among others, by the Imperial Household, highest grade hotels and top restaurants.

50 % stake

Christofle Japan

Yamada Heiando

Lacquerware brand established in 1919 and used by the Imperial Household Agency

A famous old lacquerware brand counting the Imperial Household Agency among its users, established in 1919 in Nihonbashi to introduce the elegant Kyoto lacquer goods to Tokyo. It offers lacquer tableware, furniture and other products that cherish old traditions, but at the same time are full of originality and fit within the modern lifestyle. They also cooperate with Chopard, a Swiss watchmaker, to create beautiful wristwatches with gold lacquer ornaments on the dial face that are manufactured using traditional handicraft methods. Only 10 such timepieces can be created per year.

20% stake

Yamada Heiando
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