Contributing to Society

Supporting Sports Activities

We support various sports through the Social Sports Center. The organization aims to popularize and promote sports, and to use sports activities to aid in the development of mentally and physically healthy society. Together with the scuba diving program that was a point of focus in the past, they plan to engage in multiple other projects in the future.

Social Sports Center

Accredited by the Ministry of Education (currently Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) in 1971. The organization’s objectives are to promote healthy development of people and society through the popularization of sports as an element of culture. Proponent and promoter of the “Four-Leaf Clover Movement”. The “Sports Santa”, a program supporting sports activities in foster homes, is a part one of the “Four-Leaf Clover Movement”


Sports Santa Program

Provides sports equipment to foster homes, and aims to create an environment where all children can experience and enjoy sports


Chairman Tadaharu Goto (Representative Director and Chairman of Central Sports Co., Ltd.)
Standing Directors Hiroyasu Takei (Representative Director, Chairman and CEO of Oak Capital Corporation)
Moritaka Aoki, (Representative Director of Nippon Swimming Promotion)
Yoshitaka Murai (Representative Director and Vice-President of Central Sports Co., Ltd.)
Akira Yoshida (Professor Emeritus at Tsukuba University Graduate School)
Directors Aguri Suzuki (Representative Director of Alnex Co., Ltd.; former Formula 1 driver)
Tsuyoshi Kitazawa (Executive Committee Member of Japan Football Association; former Japanese national football team player)

* Only selected directors are listed on this page. See here for a complete list of Social Sports Center directors, auditors, advisors and councilors.

Head office secretariat: 647 Higashi-Teragata, Tama-shi, Tokyo. Tel.: 042-375-1630 FAX: 042-375-3374

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