Investment Banking

Outline of Investment Banking Business

All-encompassing support aimed at corporate value improvement utilizing networks and know-how.
Subscription for equity financing
Formulation of value improvement strategies
Business support

Support for the establishment of a solid corporate structure to address changes in the economic environment
Proposals of new businesses and support for the promotion thereof
Introduction of business partners

Areas of investment


Investment decisions are conditional on the three strengths noted above while assessment of individual deals is made using an in-depth scrutiny process without bias towards particular sectors.

Investment Portfolio

Performance Highlights

Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd.

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    Manufacturer of medical and industrial-use equipment with high market share in PTCA guidewires and industrial-use extra thin wires
    [Tokyo Stock Exchange, Nagoya Stock Exchange, JASDAQ, 7747]


  • jigyo3-1-2.png
    Japan's largest manufacturer and wholesaler of highly-authentic, branded leather accessories

Apamanshop Holdings

  • jigyo3-1-3.png
    Operator of housing info service chain network, engaged in property and asset management
    [JASDAQ 8889]


  • jigyo3-1-4.png
    Long-established developer of CG image content

QB Net

  • jigyo3-1-5.png
    Operator of a nationwide chain of barber shops

Gorin Packing

  • jigyo3-1-6.png
    Pioneer in dustproof, shock-absorbing, insulating and other packing materials in consumer electronics

Sanko Soflan Holdings

  • jigyo3-1-7.png
    Custom home building, selling of land in parcels, asset management consultations

J:COM Saitama

  • jigyo3-1-8.png
    Operator of CATV and telecommunication business

Joraku Shuzo

  • jigyo3-1-9.png
    Major maker of distilled spirits (Kumajochu) holding production and sales licenses for various types of liqueurs

Dyflex Holdings

  • jigyo3-1-10.png
    Leading manufacturer of urethan water-proofing systems

Mont-Thabor (now, Sweet Style)

  • jigyo3-1-11.png
    Premium bakery chain


  • jigyo3-1-12.png
    Manufacturing and sales of door knobs and other architectural amenities and components

Featuring major past investee companies (Company Name and Outline are in principle those valid at the time of the investment implementation). (Japanese alphabetical order)
Some investments were passive, indirect holdings through funds and other investment vehicles, etc.

Joint Endeavors with our Business Partners

Oak Capital No.1 Fund

Investors: Resona Bank, Mizuho Securities

Investment fund established in December 2006 to help enhance the value of companies seeking to recover performance, bolster growth, reorganize or restructure their business, or ones facing succession issues. Using Oak Capital’s and its limited partners’ networks, the fund can carry out needed buy-outs, propose and implement business strategies, secure manager-lever human resources, introduce potential business partners, etc.

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