Growth Strategy

Through our investment banking business, which is the core of our operations, we have provided support to multiple enterprises, amassed a volume of knowledge and established an extensive business network. With the pace of changes in global economies quickly accelerating, the events occurring all over the world have an immediate effect on domestic Japanese markets. We continue work to anticipate macroeconomic conditions, while at the same time leveraging our knowledge and networks to adapt our business to the current conditions and create an investment portfolio that ensures continuous stable income in both short and long term.

Our Management Plan

Oak Capital has been actively developing its investment banking business while benefiting from the upturn in the capital markets.
The goals of our management plan for the two-year period of 2013 and 2014 were achieved as planned. In 2015, the corporate sector's performance will continue to improve steadily with listed companies expected to achieve double-digit growth through the next fiscal term. Furthermore, with stock dividends having exceeded 10 trillion yen, shareholder returns have expanded considerably. In addition, it is predicted that the government’s monetary and economic policies coupled with the positive economic effects in the run-up to the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo will add further impetus to the domestic stock market.
Even in these favorable economic circumstances, Oak Capital is following a growth strategy which can be adapted to unforeseeable events as we strive to continuously heighten our corporate value.

Performance of the fiscal term ended March 31, 2015:
Marking increases both in sales and profits for 2 consecutive fiscal terms


Oak Capital’s Management Plan for FY 2015 【 Strategy for Increasing Operating Revenue】

Basic Strategy 1 - Maximization of Operating Revenue and Stabilization of Corporate Profits


Basic Strategy 2 - Qualitative Change through Innovation of Operating Foundations


Basic Strategy 3 - Further Improvement of Financial Standing


Basic Strategy 4 - Increasing Shareholder Returns and Building Shareholder Value


Oak Capital’s Management Strategy for FY 2015

Corporate value enhancement
“Growing companies” “attractive businesses” “trusted companies” “brand name companies”


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