Interviews with Investment Recipients

Investment Track Record

Reasons you chose Oak Capital to support your company’s financing and the effects of investments (excerpts from client interviews)

President of Company S, telecommunications sector:
We chose them because we could count on them to support the expansion of our enterprise. We received multiple detailed suggestions from them that created a realistic image for us and we could envision implementing them in our business.
With regard to the establishment of new business, the results were above our expectations. Oak Capital were actively involved in the project, and they have proven to be a trustworthy business partner.
We are looking forward to cooperating with them again on other business development projects.
President of Company F, telecommunications sector:
We chose them because of their deep understanding of the IT field, and their top management being trustworthy and able to discuss maters honestly. As a result of their investments, we were able to develop products that brought us big sales in the current business year. We are deeply grateful to them for their understanding and support in launching a new business venture.
President of Company L, miscellaneous goods sector:
After evaluating our growth strategy, Oak Capital served as an underwriter assisting us in issuing new stock as means to finance the acquisition of another recipient of their investments, an IT industry firm.
The positivity of their top management as investors as well as their warmth and kindness made us trust them to support us and were instrumental in us making our decision.
After the investment Oak Capital continued to support us by offering accurate advice based on our business situation, for which we are very grateful. In addition to contributing to our business directly, they have also offered assistance and support that are not immediately visible.
President of Company S, miscellaneous goods sector:
We felt we can fully trust Oak Capital, based on their qualified staff and top management, their wide network and their financial knowledge.
They introduced multiple business partners to us and were of great help in expanding our enterprise.
We are looking forward to working with them again.
President of Company A, telecommunications sector:
We considered multiple companies, but in the end decided to go with Oak Capital, due to their quick decision process, lack of downward revisions and discounts from the closing price, and their proposed investment scheme that was easy to explain to our existing shareholders and investors. Thanks to their timely financing support, we were able to complete a planned business acquisition on schedule.
After the financing has been executed, they have continued to provide us with their support for our growth and assistance in increasing our corporate value.
President of Company W, electrical equipment sector:
While evaluating investment offers from multiple companies, we have decided to go with Oak Capital because their proposal was a portfolio investment, and because they themselves are a listed business. These were the two main reasons behind our choice.
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